Safety is our priority


Security is a top priority.

Keeping up with the latest technology, Bateleur recently upgraded its security systems and the entire perimeter is currently covered by thermal cameras.

A state-of-the-art control room is situated on the Estate, managed by very competent security staff members.

Every unit is linked to the guardhouse via the Bateleur internal fibre network. Bateleur also provides an on-site armed reaction vehicle for emergencies including medical emergencies. Our security team will even ensure that the resident mamba is removed should he decide to pay you a visit!

Live life naturally

Estate Living

Bateleur Estate is a unique Lifestyle Estate set in the beautiful Lowveld Landscape on the outskirts of Nelspruit.
Natural Living
Bateleur is a 200ha Estate with approximately 60ha left unspoilt. Great care is taken to ensure that the natural habitat is conserved for the pleasure of the residents. With various walking trails, hiking routes and dams, residents can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle within the safe boundaries of the Estate.
Bataleur Estate Duiker
Outdoor Living

When entering Bateleur, you will be overwhelmed with a feeling of space and serenity. In summer, weekends are lazily spent fishing or strolling about. Regular sightings of the resident Duikers, a Fish Eagle hovering over the dam or a Water Leguaan patrolling the boundaries are enjoyed from your patio. Bateleur is nature at its best.

Bateleur Activities 1
Active Lifestyle

Residents can also participate in social activities on the Estate, including a Bridge Club, Environmental Committee, Library, Pottery, Pilates and much more.

Bataleur Wheelchair
Easy Living
Thinking of the future, Bateleur units provide a fibre connection for easy internet access, gas hobs, solar geysers and the most recent units with back-up battery supplies for load shedding. Units have been designed to ensure low maintenance and the entire Estate is wheelchair friendly.
The restaurant, situated in the Community Centre, delivers delicious meals to our Care Centre Residents as well as the rest of the Bateleur community. Enjoy a scrumptious meal on the veranda overlooking the Lowveld landscape or join a theme night for some heartfelt fun!
Community Centre

The Community Centre is the place for get togethers of all sorts. Bridge, Pilates, community meetings etc are catered for in this well-placed facility.

A hairdresser and nail technician will ensure that you always look your best – conveniently situated on your doorstep!

Hobby House
Various activities take place in our hobby house including an annual arts exhibition, knitting groups and art classes.
Reading has never been so easy. Pick up your favourite book from our Bateleur Library for that lazy weekend reading.
Care Centre
The heart of Bateleur lies in our Care Centre with 18 assisted living rooms and an 8 bed frail care facility. This world-class facility is managed in accordance with the Bateleur standards by our Unit Manager and a very capable team of Nursing Staff.