General Information

The unique lifestyle at Bateleur Estate is enhanced by providing Residents with optimal Home Based Care, Assisted Living and Frail Care facilities. Residents are able to maintain their quality of life in a familiar environment with various support services available, including emergency care.

The Care Centre services are rendered in a holistic way. Residents are at all times cared for by professional, trained staff, maintaining the world class standard of services associated with Bateleur Estate.

Services offered from the Care Centre:

Bateleur residents will have access to the following services:

  • Home Based Care.
  • Clinic services.
  • 18 Assisted Living Suites with private bathroom, kitchenette and patio.
  • 8 Frail Care beds exclusively available to Bateleur Owners.
  • Para-medical care including physiotherapy, biokinetics, reflexology and so forth.
  • Beauty care including hairdressers, nail technician and so forth.

Please contact our offices for information on the application process.
Tanya Vosloo per e-mail on